Here you will find all things strange & bizarre, presented by the one & only Mistress of Macabre – Eugenia Mooney!

Spine-tingling escapades into Victorian Darkness…guaranteed to astound even the greatest of sceptics!

Each show or tour is as unique as Missus Mooney herself; packed with intrigue, horror, suspense, laughter and audience participation. Touching on everything from Victorian mysticism, to Music Hall song and dance.

Hang onto your hat folks, it’s going to be a wild ride!

The Mysterious Missus Mooney

Some folks believe this era was filled with highbrow parties and Afternoon Tea (there is some truth in that); however, the Missus prefers the macabre, often tragic, side that is rarely spoken of – the underbelly of Victorian society, where the so-called freaks, depraved & creatures of the night play!

“Welcome to me parlour, lovelies!
I’m Missus Eugenia Mooney – but me friends call me “Missus M” 

Along with me lovely partner Michael Furey we resurrect Victorian history and bring it back from the dead.
I consider meself an educated lady of note – albeit, me life started in the darkest recesses of London City.
Despite me upbringin’,  I assure ye I am not a lady of dubious distinction – even if I do prefer the strange & bizarre!

Come along on an adventure, I guarantee you will never view the world through the same eyes again!”

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Why Missus Mooney’s “Halfpenny Dreadfuls”?

The “Penny Dreadful” is a term that originally developed in mid-Victorian England; stories of adventure, romance, crime…in short, often serialized form, printed and sold cheaply (for one penny). An easy distraction from the day’s toil – afforded by the common folk and read secretly by the wealthy. Sometimes referred to as “Penny Bloods” due to the often graphic content (for example, Sweeney Todd) these publications were the inspiration for “pulp fiction” novels the world over.

By the 1890s these had proliferated and the stories had become even more lurid and sensational. Mr. Alfred Harmsworth decided to combat these tawdry tales with stories of more “moral” adventures – good clean fun, as it were (allegedly based on true events) – for a mere ha’penny (literally a half-penny) in his publication titled “The Half-penny Marvel”. While started with the best of intentions, Mr. Harmsworth’s publications soon included the very same sensational and wild tales as his competitors! The famous poet A. A. Milne (known for his “Winnie The Pooh” books) was quoted as saying;  “Harmsworth killed the penny dreadful by the simple process of producing the ha’penny dreadfuller.”


*Seika Groves who portrays Missus Mooney holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology & Battlefield Archaeology and is also an expert & historian of the Victorian era.  Her expertise is valued by many media outlets and she is sought after as an educator, offering her talents to schools, museums, interpreters and the general public.