A Little Seasoning

To paraphrase a certain famous personality, “See what we’ve been cooking”.

First, a huge thank you to Penny Morningstar (Curator) and her wonderful team at The Welland Museum; constantly involving their community and looking for new & interesting things to present! Earlier this year we presented a Victorian Mummy Unwrapping to a packed house at the Museum, and for a seasonal touch, the Ha’penny Harkers regaled young & old (and Santa Claus) with a selection of popular Christmas Carols.

We are also fortunate to have some interesting friends of “similar tastes & understanding”; Scott McClelland is one of them. Scott (aka Nikolai Diablo) has been a performer and presenter of Victorian sideshow spectaculars for most of his life (an inheritance from his famous Grandfather, Prof. N.P. Lewchuk). This season we’ve visited Diablo Manor for supper & a show and witnessed the most spectacular performance ever of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” at the Liss Gallery in Toronto (filled with the art of Dr. Seuss).

We look forward to the next adventures…

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