Artifacts From The Dark Side

Fabulous new book available from our good mate Doktor Luciferi (aka Dr. Robert Ing)

Artifacts From The Dark Side features photographs and descriptions of selected exhibit pieces from The East York Museum of Curiosities. The East York Museum of Curiosities is a traveling mobile museum exhibit that provides the public a once in a lifetime opportunity to personally experience the theatrics and artifacts that astounded attendees of Cabinets of Curiosities from the 15th to 18th centuries and were truly the precursors to the modern day museum. However, unlike modern day museums, in keeping with the early tradition of curiosities on display, the attendees view a collection of real, rare and original fictional artifacts, never seen before in this century and perhaps may never to be seen again. This book was created to offer those who have not seen the curiosities exhibit an opportunity to do so through the selection offered by photograph and description therein.

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