Balorbane (New Gothic Horror Novel)

Me father’s book has been published! Set in the moors of Devon, England in the mid 1800’s it’s a twisted tale of murder, revenge, the supernatural and more…


by Andrew J. Skinner

ISBN #: 978-0-557-20968-2

Here is a tale for the telling. As near to the telling of it as I can remember. A dark story of a black Mastiff and a Raven; in whose spirit or likeness did they roam the haunted moors? Bleak and very little populated, a small community of farming people managed to scratch a living from its barren face. Upon such a scene, the only thing anyone should have to deal with is the elements…but there were other events…strange events. Four brothers, Stickles by name, ravaged the countryside. Attempts to arrest them by human means failed. A supernatural force takes form in the shape of a black Mastiff, known as The Hound, and its companion, The Raven. Each had its own reason for being rid of the Stickles…

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