Ha’Penny Harkers ~ Victorian Carolling

Well it seemed only a natural progression to add the Ha’Penny Harkers to this site instead of leaving them all by themselves on a site of their own.  About 7 years ago I formed a Victorian strolling carollers ensemble and today that ensemble has progressed into a full-fledged theatrical adventure with wonderful performers who are not only singers but actors and musicians in their own right and this year we look forward to once again bringing something “old” yet new to the table so to speak. Borrowing from history’s great travelling story-teller the Minstrel, we have  added instruments to our ensemble, hurdy gurdy, lute, penny whistle, bells and various other light percussion. It gives us a new challenge as we are no longer carrying the song books but it certainly offers us a far more interesting way to perform and as one happy crowd member told us recently “You are like watching an old world music video”

So with the Ha’Pennies now having a home here on the historical site I hope to spread the enjoyment of holiday carolling to a wider audience…stay tuned for our upcoming video…

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