Missus Mooney & Friends Ride The Carousel

My darling husband Michael and I were on a lovely stroll a fortnight ago at Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie. The area once an amusement park in it’s heyday is now home to a busy marina and a lone building that seems out-of-place.  A modern building made from pinkish brick and garage style doors. Nothing of particular note or beauty.  Coming from inside were the sounds of excited children. Taking a wander over we spied a rather lovely large carousel whirling about full of Birthday party goers. Wanting to take a ride we were told we would have to wait until the party was over so we headed off to the pub fer a bite and some Guinness. After lunch we made our way back for a ride.  Reading the plaque on the wall it gave us a brief history of the ride the date it was built 1908 and that it still costs only a nickel some hundred plus years later. Michael gave the ticket taker a quarter, set up his camera and took some shots. We left and made our way back home.

The shots turned out better than expected and given that some of the animals on the carousel looked rather, how does one say this delicately? “Evil”? We decided to head back with friends in tow, decked out in our finest Victorian clothing, faces painted as skeletal spectres.

Now Sunday’s weather decided to also get in the mood for a phantasmagoria style shoot..  it was dark, dreary and pouring rain… PERFECT! We rode the carousel for an hour…all the while Michael taking fabulous photographs. I have posted only a few here for your enjoyment, but I must say we certainly made an impression with the onlookers who watched us as we happily whirled back in time and to those in the pub we went to after the shoot. I hope ye enjoy these photos as much as we did the adventure. The Carousel is now lovingly known as ” The Carousel from Hell”

The Lady Kim & her exotic Giraffe
Michael Furey & Entourage
The Devine Miss Caroline
Missus Mooney riding the Midnight Express
Missus Mooney & the Demon Goat
Mister Phil Specter

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