No Troll Under This Bridge

We hinted at a new tour; did any of you discover what is is? The image of an old steam train was a hint…

A new Haunted History Tour in beautiful downtown Bridgeburg! Where is this, you may well ask (and several have), why right under the International Rail Bridge at Fort Erie! The Village that became a Town, changed their name three times and eventually amalgamated into The Town of Fort Erie.

There is much history in this quaint neighbourhood – from well before the arrival of European settlers, to the War of 1812 and beyond. Bootleggers, Smugglers, Privateers…The Underground Railroad…the ACTUAL Railroad…mass graves…quirky shop owners, technology well in advance of its time…and many more tales to tell. OF course with so much “traffic” over the years, there are bound to be ‘residual energies’ and a few spirits who haven’t moved on!

Join us on a stroll into history…and if you’re lucky, back out again!

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