Join the Southern Ontario – Western New York Paranormal Community for our first annual Paranormal Conference!

Saturday, Nov. 30th, 2019
10 am to 7 pm

The event will be held in downtown Bridgeburg (Fort Erie, ON, Canada) in a 15,000 sq. ft. the former church is lovingly known as the Castle – The Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex; designated The Most Haunted Building in the Niagara Region!

We are looking to host the spookiest supernatural event of the year with speakers and presenters covering topics such as ghosts, hauntings, paranormal investigation and the unexplained. Enjoy workshops, vendors, presentations, a VIP Paranormal Investigation of The Bell Tower, excellent onsite food & drink in Quasi’s Lounge (licensed) and much more – you don’t want to miss this!

Take a 3D tour of our host space!

Event Tickets: $10 per person – NO ADVANCE SALES, AT THE DOOR ONLY
Please note: Psychic Readers & Workshops may charge an additional fee.

After Hours Guided Paranormal Investigation (Limited to 25 people) = $15 SOLD OUT

Sleep Over in the Great Hall (Limited to 25 people) = $50

ALL-ACCESS PASS: Includes Admission + Investigation + Sleep-over (Limited to 25 people)= $70 SOLD OUT

Conference open to all ages – under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult; proper ID required. There are no refunds available to vendors, readers, workshops or evening events if you cancel. Refunds will only be issued if the Conference has to make cancellations due to issues beyond our control.

For more information please Contact Us!

This building is only partially accessible – there are 3 floors and no elevators.
The Bell Tower is fully licensed; no one under 18 admitted without an adult 19+ – proper ID required.
This is a SAFE SPACE, harassment of any kind is not tolerated.

VENDORS – The Great Hall ($40)

Max. of 25, 8 ft. x 6 ft., vendor spaces available.

We are accepting vendors who offer products or services that will appeal to the theme of our conference. Books, Shirts, Ghost Hunting Equipment, DVDs, Ghost Tours, Psychic Readings, Creepy dolls or toys, Crystals & Spooky Jewellery, etc. If you have something you think would fit please, apply!

The Great Hall (second floor) will be our space for Vendors. Although a short flight of stairs you will have to load everything in no later than 9 am on the conference date. Limited chairs & tables may be available to rent, should you require it (advance notice only). Limited electrical hook up may be available if required at no additional charge.

Limited Parking on-site available for vendors.

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PSYCHIC READERS – Gallery Level ($100 – private rooms)

Private rooms will be available for the day. This space will allow you to present your readings in private, you may also sell a selection of related merchandise in your space. Due to limited private rooms, we will only be selecting a total of 7 readers from the following categories:

  • Astrology – Horoscopes
  • Aura Reading
  • Cartomancy – Playing card reading
  • Crystallomancy – Crystal Ball
  • Lithomancy – Crystal/Stone Reading
  • Numerology – Number Reading
  • Rune Reading
  • Psychometry – Object Reading
  • Palm Reading
  • Shell Divination
  • Mediumship
  • Tarot Reading
  • Tasseomancy – Tea Leaf Reading

If option has been struck through it is no longer available.

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All time slots are 30 min. Please let us know your subject matter. In exchange for your time, we offer a free table where you can share information or sell merchandise to attendees. These tables will be located upstairs in the Gallery area separate from the vendor space.

The Main Auditorium has a full PA system and the option to use a video presentation screen. Content must be provided on a USB drive in a single folder and may include Powerpoint, PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, AVI (these must be tested well in advance of your presentation to ensure they will run).

Our Speakers Panel is now FULL…thanks to all who are joining us!

WORKSHOPS – Gallery Level

Workshops on related topics are welcomed by all participants. Vendors, Readers & Presenters are welcome to hold a workshop at no extra charge (though you may charge a nominal fee for people taking part). If you wish to ONLY host a Workshop, there is a minimal fee of $25. Limited chairs & tables will be provided.

<strong>Register now!</strong> Register now!


9 pm to 11 pm

This is a ticketed event for those who wish to investigate this building after the conference – limited to 25 people.

The Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex was officially designated HAUNTED in October 2018.

Come see for yourself during this exclusive investigation!


We Double Dog Dare You! 11 pm -until morning (or until you’re too creeped out to stay)

An investigation in a building as Haunted as the Bell Tower takes nerve…but staying the night takes balls!

Do you have what it takes to spend the night in The Great Hall with its resident pipe organ playing spirit and eerie ambiance?
Pack your pillow and sleeping bag and join us as we brave the unknown on this first-ever overnight experience.
If we make it through the night, I hear coffee and croissants may await us once the sun comes up!
Limited to 25 people.

Could it get any spookier?  Hell yeah!
Secure your package deal; Conference, Investigation AND Overnight, ONLY $70.00!
Limited to 25 people.