All Readers have private rooms available on the third floor. Any cost for readings are paid directly to the Reader; while some may have alternate payment options, cash is recommended (ATM across the street).

Amy Taylor & Cards

Amy Taylor
Tasseomancy (Lenormand Tea Card Reading)

For over 30 years Amy Taylor has been a Tea Enthusiast, Tea Leaf Reader, Lenormand Tea Card Reader and Certified THAC Tea Sommelier. She is the sole owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy and Mystic Tearoom (Hamilton, ON).
An award-winning reader, Amy doesn’t let stuff like that, or ego, get in the way of your reading. As an intuitive reader, she is able to give you a lot of information to work with.
Amy will be offering Lenormand Tea Card readings at the event. It is much the same, and as accurate, as having a Teacup Reading, but without drinking tea! Visit her Website.

Readings: 30 mins – $50 / 1 hour – $125

Tarot Card Reading

Jewelz is a 4th generation psychic medium who provides Tarot Card readings and messages from spirit. She has been providing professional services for over 5 years and is passionate about helping others on their path, by providing guidance on the thoughts, fears and patterns keeping them stuck.

Jewelz is also experienced in other modalities such as Platform Mediumship, Spiritual Coaching, Reiki and Crystal Healing. Visit her Website.

Readings: 30 mins – $60 / 1 hour – $110

Amanda Dubois
Psychic Medium

Amanda Dubois is an Intuitive Psychic Medium and the Event Coordinator for Spiritual Niagara. Her messages are always direct, insightful and offer guidance and support. Amanda has recently been featured on Season 3 of Paranormal Survivor and has been in multiple platform settings sharing what she gets from Spirit. Visit her on Facebook.

Readings: 15 mins – $25

Paul Georgiou
Shell Divination

With over 25 years experience as an Omolosha (priest) of the African Traditional Religions of Orisha Worship and as a Tata Nkisi & Bakunfula (Priest & Ritual Elder) in Palo Mayombe and as an experienced medium, Paul is empowered to assist people in living their best lives. Most often, his preliminary source of divination is through Diloggun, with the shells of the orisha Elegba.
Orishas are African deities. Elegba is the Orisha that helps us put our feet on the correct path in life. The most direct way to speak to Orisha is through a system of cowrie shell divination performed by an ordained priest trained and licensed to interpret the series of patterns cast and accurately translate them to the person seeking advice.

Readings: 45 mins – $60

Mary-Ann Verkuyl
Palm Reader

Mary-Ann is a qualified Palm Reader, who was taught by Dr. Yvonne Oswald. She is also trained in Past life regression and can combine the two for those looking for a more in-depth reading.
She is currently obtaining her Masters in Reiki.

Readings: 30 minutes – $60.00 Palm or Past Life / 60 minutes – $110.00 Palm & Past Life