All Speakers will be giving individual presentations, throughout the day in the Auditorium (lower level). Select Speakers will join the Speakers Panel from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm in the Auditorium; all attendees are welcome to participate.

Your Hostess Who Talks To Ghostess … well, something like that. Seika Groves (aka Missus Mooney) the Mistress of Macabre is a Paranormal Investigator (Host of The Paranormal Podcast) and an award-winning Psychic Medium, who also holds degrees in Cultural Anthropology & Battlefield Archaeology. As an historical expert of the Victorian Macabre, her insight is valued by many media outlets (History, OLN, Space, Discovery T&E, A&E, CTV, CHCH, etc.. In her persona as Missus Mooney, (Missus Mooney’s she is the presenter of Victorian Mummy Unwrappings, A Cabinet of Curiosities, Haunted History Tours and numerous other forays into the world of strange facts and unusual truths. Ms. Groves is sought after as an educator, offering her array of talents to schools, museums, and the general public. Her new book The Dead Do Speak will be available this fall.

10:15 am – Welcome and Conference Outline

11:45 am – Is That A Ghost In The Window?
While there is no shortage of the unexplained when it comes to the paranormal, sometimes the things we think we see do have an explanation. Pareidolia can manifest itself in many ways, involving any of our senses, but it’s the simple human face that is the poster child for this phenomenon. Pareidolia is the mind’s ability to render shapes from nothing more than light and shadow. Seika will speak about this strange yet plausible trick the brain plays on us and what leads some people to see a ghost while others do not. She will also touch on her experience as a Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator.

Kate DeJonge (formerly Kingston) has been a professional Psychic and Paranormal Investigator in the Hamilton, ON area since 1999. She was the Resident Psychic for a local tourism company and has been featured on (Creepy Canada, The X-Zone, CBC, CBC Radio, CHCH Morning Show Live, C14, Shaw, and more). Kate currently operates an energy healing practice Deosil Energy Healing in Hamilton, On and is a Spectator Reader’s Choice Top 10 Award Winner. She recently launched a new blog called Ghost Story Girl, talking about her true ghostly experiences, with an added fictional flare. Watch for Kate’s new children’s book series, The Elementals, coming this fall! Visit her Website and Facebook.

11:00 am – Personal Ghost Stories
Kate will be speaking about her personal experiences as a psychic and what she does when entering haunted places, the importance of energetic protection, and how to block/ground/discharge energy. she will also tell a story or two on her true ghostly encounters, based on experiences since her childhood.

Lisa Iris is an Artist, Illustrator, and Scryer whose wonderful works of Art and Fantasy have reached millions of people worldwide. Lisa’s studio (The Iris Art Boutique) and Oracle Art Gallery are located in Fort Erie, ON. Lisa’s paintings were used for the Crystal Wind Oracle Myth & Magic Card Deck and the accompanying mobile app. To see more of her beautiful artwork or request a commission visit her Website.

1:15 pm – Scrying: Messages in the Water
Scrying or divination from reflective surfaces – is a practice dating back to Ancient Egypt, to seers such as Nostradamus and John Dee, and is enjoying a revival today. Scrying is associated with gazing into a crystal ball, but water is also a means of accessing other realities. Lisa will speak on her experience with water scrying and share thought-provoking photographs or “captures” that may be messages and memories from beyond.

Edd Scorpio is a Professional Photographer and Indigenous Healer. Some years ago he was dragged down the rabbit hole into the realm of the paranormal by his wife Seika. During investigations, he is the one working the FLIR camera, taking photos and temperature readings, analyzing photographic evidence and listening to auditory results. While he enjoys being behind the lens Edd has also spent many years in front of it appearing in commercials, tv shows, and film. His expertise in photography and video editing is sought out by the paranormal community and tv show producers who have asked him to assist in analyzing hundreds of photos and videos over the years.

4:00 pm – Orb Theories: Normal or Paranormal?
Orbs are considered a photographic phenomenon, providing much-heated debate in many paranormal circles. These little balls often appear in pictures or on video, most often where nothing is visible to the naked eye. Their colours range across the spectrum, but they always appear to give off some degree of light. Skeptics say they’re nothing more than dust, insects, camera malfunctions or light anomalies, while believers say they’re something else entirely. Edd will discuss his experiences and the two very different sides; the metaphysical possibility of spirits and the scientifically plausible causes for these little balls of light.

Melanie Pierce & Marli Medieros Through the House of Gnosis, they offer a space to deepen the knowledge and practice of witchcraft through products, services, ongoing workshops, and sacred circle gatherings. They welcome all, no matter if they are new or advanced practitioners and believe that a strong community builds and lifts one another. To find out more about their workshops and information on everything they offer please visit their website.

12:30 pm – What is Magick and how does it work?
Magick and the Paranormal go hand in hand. Have you ever wondered what magick is? How to ensure spells are effective or what to do if they are not. Melanie & Marli will focus on the teachings of the Hermetic philosophy and their own traditional craft practices. If you have ever wanted to learn more about Witchcraft but were afraid to ask this is a great place to start.