Poppets, Villages & Curiosities

I’ve been busy with so many things it’s sometimes difficult to keep track…

New Penny Dreadful Poppets™ will soon be available for sale… These are just the most adorable little macabre beings.. straight from me very own hand to you!!!

I have been scribbling like a mad woman on some new half penny dreadfuls and will also be working on making The Accidental Murderess into a short silent film of about 4 minutes with the song  “When You’re Evil”  by the wonderfully sinister tongue n’ cheek Voltaire as the soundtrack . I know this is going to be a lot of fun to do.. and if any of you are interested in doing some off-the-cuff acting of sorts please write me and let me know..  I will post the list of required actors shortly.

I am now working at Westfield Heritage Village with my darling eccentric husband Michael Furey on certain Sundays, imagine someone hired me and at the Apothecary no less. What a delightfully evil place it is too. All sorts of wondrous poisons and implements of destruction. You know this shop is home to Dr. Beattie and his dental and surgical procedures. It is truly a dream come true for Mrs. M. sure beats poppin’ pussycats in pies… (as well I am taking on the duties of an Historical Interpreter during the week for schools & tours… Lucky Children!!).

Contact the Village to book tours, special events/occasions.

Michael & I may be appearing at Cayuga’s 150th celebration Historical Fashion Show as well. Negotiations are in the works, for this I may need to find me very best Late Victorian Finery in me  “closet of oblivion”  that place where we all put things never to be seen again.

Mrs. M is also planning an event for October that will be like nothing you’ve seen before! Exciting, unique, macabre and filled with curiosities…at a dark and secret location…  I’m just waiting for word from me dear friend Doktor Luciferi on when he may return from his travels so that we may choose the exact dates…more on this soon.

Well… me Luvs…  please stay in touch.. I know how difficult it is sometimes.. until that time….

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