• Balorbane

    $ 25.00

    Set in the moors of Devon, England in the mid 1800’s… “Here is a tale for the telling. As near to the telling of it as I can remember. A dark story of a black Mastiff and a Raven; in whose spirit or likeness did they roam the haunted moors? Bleak and very little populated,…

  • A Wish For Fish

    $ 16.80

    A simple day of fishing turns into a very big adventure for Armand and his Papa, when a mysterious stranger joins them!

    Written & Illustrated by Seika Groves.




  • The ABC Book Of Ghosts, Spirits And Afterlife Beings!

    $ 18.99

    Learn your alphabet with things that go bump in the night (and sometimes, the daytime). Suitable fun for children, teens & adults! Full colour, large format paperback 57 pages of original text & artwork! Written & illustrated by Seika Groves. Available as an eBook at these & other outlets: Amazon Google Play Apple Books  

  • Little Brown Button

    $ 11.99

    A young girl finds a mysterious little brown button. Where did it come from, where did it belong? Follow her adventures and find out! A picture book for children – easy to read along. Full colour, large format paperback – 37 pages of all original text & drawings! Written & illustrated by Seika Groves.