family photosAncestral Archaeology is a personal biography service available to anyone wanting to collect and maintain their family history in a printed and bound format.

What makes this different from a simple genealogy search or family tree is that we blend this with your family stories, photos and documents; resulting in a beautifully bound book that you can share with family and friends for generations.

There are essentially two ways of putting your unique story together:

For those of you who may have already done the research and have no idea how to sort through all of it, you may submit your information and I will connect the dots, find answers to the mysteries when possible and tell the story in a manner that is respectful and interesting.

For others the idea of even starting such a daunting and time consuming task is too much. This is where my expert research skills come in. As an historian and archaeologist I have many years of experience in research and digging for clues (in some cases quite literally). I am genuinely intrigued and honoured when asked to delve into a family’s background. I do this with the utmost respect and confidentiality and never reveal family secrets to anyone outside of those involved in the process.

open bookI can also arrange to do interviews with family members who have their own stories to tell. Through these interviews the information collected is verified and added to the family history. Interviews may be done in person or over the phone depending on geographical location.

Your history is brought together and converted/formatted for publishing –  photos and other documentation are scanned and added to create a unique book that can be cherished and handed down.

Also included is “Your Family Tree Continued…”, a page at the back of the book where new family members names and information may be added to the tree!

Our services may include:

  • Genealogy searches
  • Family Tree documentation
  • One on one interview sessions
  • Aggregating, scanning & digitally converting photos and documents
  • Digital Photo Restoration
  • Portrait Photography
  • Professionally written manuscript that meets your approval
  • A beautifully bound hardcover book with its own presentation box
  • An electronic version available for download

Costs vary according to the amount and variety of work involved.

For further information contact me and I will call you to discuss any questions or concerns you have.