As an avid collector of all things Victorian Macabre I maintain a small ever-changing collection of oddities, medical & embalming bottles, dental equipment, antique tea settings, dolls, funerary photographs, wreaths , Masonic items, Shrunken Heads, “Bob” the celebrity mummy and other unique curiosities.

Many of these pieces are on display in the Odditorium in my home. Viewing is by appointment only.

At any given time a selection of my collection may be out on loan or hire to television, film, theatre or travelling museum collections. If you are interested in use of any of my items please contact me to discuss usage.

As a expert in my field I am also available to consult on individual items or  collections. I am also available for hire to scour the globe for unusual antiques and artefacts that may be legitimately acquired through certified means. In doing so I will offer my opinion on estate or museum items regarding age, quality, uniqueness and market value. Please note I am a consultant NOT a licensed appraiser and therefore cannot by law offer you a written appraisal for insurance or estate wills. I am however able to refer a licensed appraiser to you if you so desire,