If you or your organization are interested in courses or lectures (whether listed here or not), please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hands-on courses for interpreters, museum staff, re-enactors – or anyone interested in Victorian life. Organized in small groups, these courses provide a supportive atmosphere, and a mix of practical know how, historical information and physical skills. Course curriculum for interpreters, museum staff and re-enactors may be specifically tailored to their requirements.

Courses listed below are of General Interest:

  • To The Manor Born –  Etiquette Of The Wealthy Family
  • Downstairs Runs The House – Day to Day Expectations and Duties of Servants
  • Victorian & Edwardian – The Weird & Macabre
  • Loose Women – Dressing & Undressing in Victorian Times
  • Hair, Wigs & Makeup – A Ladies Guide to Victorian Beauty
  • What’s Cooking in the Victorian Kitchen?
  • Love Potion #9 – Creating Perfumes & Oils
  • The Art of Victorian Letter Writing
  • The Penny Dreadful – Victorian Pulp Fiction


Lectures are on a variety of topics aimed to be accessible to a general audience. They may also be specialized to offer a more in depth approach for a particular subject or interest. Below is a list of popular lectures and is an indication of subjects available (but not limited to).

Victorian Era

  • Jack Sprat Will Eat No Fat – Dietary Ailments
  • The Victorian Apothecary – Deadly Home Remedies
  • Madness, Melancholy and the Wandering Womb
  • Darwin – Man versus God
  • Death Rituals of the Victorian Era
  • Chinese Diaspora – The Opium Den of Iniquity
  • Victoriana versus Canadiana
  • Hamilton – Canada’s Victorian City
  • Infant Mortality in Victorian Canada
  • Victorian & Edwardian New Age Philosophies
  • Corsets – Deadly Beauty
  • Widow’s Weeds – A Woman’s Life after Her Husband’s Death
  • Victorian Back Alley Sexcapades
  • Filth, Dirt & Hygiene
  • Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
  • Waterborne Disease Outbreaks
  • Deep Dark Secrets – Freemasons, Egyptology and The Occult

Edwardian Era

  • Fashion Forward – Ladies Fashion Trends
  • Life in the Shadow of Queen Vicki – King Edward on the Throne
  • Women’s Rights – Were There Any?
  • The Introduction of the Automobile – Fast, Fierce and Forward
  • Looking for Change – Poverty & Workhouses

Beyond 1910

  • The REAL Downton Abbey – A Peek Inside the Workings of a Manor House
  • World War I – Dynamic Changes in the Making
  • Women in Film – The Emergence of Starlets
  • Men in Film – Heroes, Foibles and Follies
  • The Great Gatsby – Was It Really that Great?
  • The Great Depression – A Look at How the Depression Changed America
  • World War II – Life on the Homefront and Beyond