Unlike the Fox sisters who kicked off an interest in spiritualism with their tall tales, repertoire of gimmicks, including phantom knocking with their feet, painted balloons masquerading as ghosts, objects ‘floating’ around with the help of fishing lines, violins with weighted bows which appeared to play notes by themselves, or ‘phantom music’ from a hidden gramophone. Missus Mooney’s sessions are the real deal!

Gone are the days where participants were requested to keep their eyes closed, touched by ‘ghostly hands’, or table tipping was an illusion of levitation.

These bizarre conjuring tricks appear strange to anyone would have been taken in by something that required your eyes to be closed in order for it to work, but in the 19th century, they gripped society.

Missus Mooney requires no tricks, no conjuring of artificial spirits and no need for you to close your eyes. Her seances are as real as you are!

Messages from those who’ve “crossed over”? Investigating spirits? Read on…

Missus Mooney offers a number of unique events; these may include: Victorian Séances, Mediumship Circles, Reading Parties, Workshops & more. Information on these events will be posted along with ticket availability when applicable. Free events will be listed as such with reservations required to secure seating.

If you would like to book an event please contact Missus Mooney here!


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