It would be hardly respectable, on one’s return from Egypt, to present oneself without a mummy in one hand and a crocodile in the other.French Aristocrat and Trappist Monk, Abbot Ferdinand de Géramb to Muhammad Ali Pasha al-Mas'ud ibn Agha, 1833

Egyptomania was sweeping the nation in the 19th century and a few lucky Londoners were able to share in a rare sensation: before their very eyes, the unrolling (unwrapping) of an authentic Egyptian mummy took centre stage – all in the name of science!

Wind the clock back to 1895 and Infamous Antiquarian, Dr. Eugenia Mooney, conducts you on a journey to ancient Egypt. With a mix of delight, bewilderment and horror, Dr. Mooney takes the audience back in time to resurrect the dead! Ancient curses, sacrificial animals, secret rituals and the mummification process are all explained, as the Doctor slowly removes the wrappings from her ancient specimen. Be sure to bring along your hankie – you never know when you may need it.
*Due to the theft of ancient artifacts in the past, Dr. Mooney has in her presence at all times, an armed guard.

The Mummy Unwrapping is appropriate for ages 13 and up, the performance is approx. 50 minutes in length and will leave your audience members wanting more.

Filming of the performance is prohibited unless prior written permission has been given, although photographs are most welcome.

For information, or bookings, please contact us.



Dr. Eugenia Mooney is a leading writer, translator, and lecturer in the field of Antiquarian studies.

Being the only woman to have written extensively on Egyptian art, mummies, and hieroglyphs, she has worked alongside Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge at the British Museum – translating the Egyptian Book of the Dead  – and is considered top-notch in her abilities.

Her research and lecturing on mummies has brought Dr. Mooney to the forefront. She has a reputation for being something of an oddity herself – often bringing mummified specimens on her lecture tours much to the delight and dismay of the attendees!

What people are saying:

The Mummy Unwrapping was an unforgettable experience like no other. She truly becomes the character of Dr. Mooney and takes you back in time. The evening is unique, cultural, educational, immersive and interactive, including a touch of humour and creepiness.
The mummy unwrapping at Atlas Obscura Day was nothing short of astounding! Not knowing what to expect as Dr. Mooney began, it was with equal parts surprise, intrigue, and horror that we found the mummy was not just authentic, but a remarkable specimen! The Doctor’s charming dialogue served to both educate and entertain as she cut away the bandages, leaving the audience with an enthralling sight. The atmosphere and experience were like nothing else; it was like stepping into a different time.
Jason Grabher-Meyer
Having no idea WHAT to expect from a mummy unwrapping and having no idea these types of things ever took place I was pleasantly surprised and horrified. What a wonderful evening of entertainment this was. Thank you to Dr. Mooney and her expert knowledge. Who thought I would ever volunteer to LICK a mummy.
Kevin Landers
I did attend the unwrapping at the CNSE. It was fabulous. I boasted about to it a whole lot of people. So many were sorry to have missed it. Would love to attend another one.
Danute Dorion
I saw the mummy unwrapping at CNSE and it was wonderful! To me and many others, it was the best event of the convention. The attention to detail in the mummy was incredible and it is a great way to learn about how mummies really are. I highly recommend you see this if you have a chance.
Alexandre Adam
As lover of archaeology and ancient Egypt, I was astounded at the reality of this performance, The mummy is spectacular as well as Dr. Mooney. She is highly versed in Egyptology and the unwrapping was everything one would expect in the Victorian era. It was filled with intrigue, humour and was slightly horrifying all at the same time. Made me feel like I was in a different time and place in the universe. Well done and a MUST SEE!
Lilian D. aka Dolly Sprockets



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  1. I saw the mummy unwrapping at CNSE and it was wonderful! To me and many others, it was the best event of the convention. The attention to detail in the mummy was incredible and it is a great way to learn about how mummies really are. I highly recommand you see this if you have a chance.

  2. I just found out there is going to be 2 nights of this performance in Port Colborne this October. I can’t wait!!! Super Excited I have heard so much about this from my friend who works at Roselawn where the show is going to be. I imagine it is going to be quite spooky in the old Victorian mansion parlour. I do hope we can dress up for this.

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