Unexplained red light from a standing lantern at the Hamilton Customs House (Paranormal Investigation – Hamilton, Ontario)

As an archaeologist, historian, researcher, investigator and medium I combine my “Natural” abilities and my trained skills for a unique twist on any paranormal investigation. I use no outside or electronic equipment, only my natural ability as a conduit for those who have passed over. I have been given access to the “other side” and have been a party to some of the most amazing information. This information often coincides with what other investigators are receiving using equipment and often propels the investigation to a whole new level of understanding.

As a medium I am given access into the spirit world often further then I sometimes wish to go, but the story always comes out in the end. I will often experience multiple visitations from spirits we have encountered while on location after we have left a site and wrapped up. If their stories are not fully told, they will often be back to continue to communicate with me until everything is out in the open.

While I do not belong to any formal investigation group (although I do run the Port Colborne Paranormal page on Twitter), I am certainly willing to assist any group or individual if I feel the research is plausible. I have appeared on numerous television and radio programs, brought in as an expert on episodic TV and  have spoken at conventions and events about my experiences and research.

If you are interested in speaking with me further and would like me to accompany you on an investigation or speak at an event please contact me here or via my Twitter page. I look forward to working with all of you and offering my abilities to those who seek me out in this world and beyond.