Pyrate Necklace

$ 10.00


A limited collection of pyratical symbols in fine pewter!

Adjustable waxed cord included (adjusts up to 33cm/13in)

All Pewter is compliant with Nickel & Lead content regulations for Jewellery.

Shipped via regular mail (no tracking), unless otherwise selected.

Adjustable Waxed Cord
Adjustable Waxed Cord

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Weight 20 g

Cutthroat, Skull, Cutlass In Teeth, Skull, Crossed Pistols, Skull, Crossed Swords, Anchor, Skull, Skeleton, Peg-Leg, Flag, Rackham, Skull, Hat, Crossbones, Dead Men Tell, Doubloon, Skull, Hat, Bandana, Skeleton, Hook, Sword