A Spirited Evening Out

Join Seika Groves aka Missus Mooney for A Spirited Evening Out.

A wonderful evening of messages, stories and inspiration. The Spirits often have messages which may be helpful in our daily lives. We believe that our life-energy continues beyond the realm of the physical world and given the right conditions, one may receive information from that special place. Acclaimed Medium Seika Groves, will be at The Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex in Fort Erie, ON on Saturday, March 2, 2019. The doors open at 7:00PM, and the event will get underway around 7:50PM.

General Seating $30

Doors – 7:00 pm

Show – 8:00 pm

**Please note that no one will be admitted to the Main Event Space after 7:50 pm, no exceptions or refunds**

At The Bell Tower Arts & Entertainment Complex – CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

[su_spoiler title=”Event Guidelines” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle”]Set your intentions before you arrive. Ask the person you would like to connect with to come at the specified time and date. Relax and have fun. The more love and joy we feel , the higher the vibration, the easier to receive intuitive guidance!

  • Door closes promptly 15mins before the event begins. Once the event begins the door will not be opened for late-comers.
  • All cell phones must be set to “Off ” or “Silent”
  • Please do not interrupt when someone is giving a message. Once the person is done speaking you can validate, or ask for more clarification.
  • If you can add to the messages that are being delivered, please wait for the person to be done speaking and then add your impressions.
  • If you do not understand a message, please refrain from saying “No”. Often, if you can not validate a message during the event, the message may be validated, or will become more clear to you at a later time.
  • If you must get up to leave the room, please do so quietly.
  • Messages are not guaranteed for everyone in attendance.
  • All information shared is personal. Please respect if sharing with others afterwards.


* All consultations are given in the spirit of guidance and knowledge and are “for entertainment purposes only”. The opinions of Odinsdottir and associated Mediums are their own and may not align with your personal, spiritual, cultural, financial or familial situation. While we may offer advice or direction, your choices are ultimately your own – we do not take any responsibility for your actions. Messages are not guaranteed for every person in attendance at any event.[/su_spoiler]

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