Treat Yourself

Has this week felt like a month? Or do you find yourself wondering where Thursday went…on Monday?

We’ve all had a lot to ‘deal with’ lately and sometimes that makes us feel a bit down. Genuine gifts often make us feel better – not necessarily “the shiny thing from that store”. A kind word of support when the speaker has nothing to gain. A thoughtful task, like someone clearing your walk of snow. Or a sunny day after a long, grey, week.

We hope you receive many such gifts in your lifetime! We also know that sometimes, we need to treat ourselves. The term “self-care” has been used more in the 21st century than ever before, and there’s a reason for that…so many of us have forgotten to look after ourselves!

Do one thing for yourself today – and at least once every week. Take time to breathe, to ignore the usual stresses, to de-tune from the news, drama and pettiness we have seen so much of lately. Listen to your favourite music, dance wildly, go for a walk in nature, do something artistic (even if you’re bad at it)…stand in the shower for 10 minutes (preferably with the water running over your head, but hey – you do you).

If all else fails (or you need to rid yourself of a terrible earworm), listen to this…

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