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Lectures are offered on a variety of popular topics aimed at being accessible to a general audience. Talks are a good way to attract people to your space without requiring a long-term commitment. They also provide a unique experience for the public or museum members.

Suffrage Lecture celebrating the Rights & Freedoms of Women and International Women’s Day (year-long) meet Annie Fearless!
A 1910 Trailblazer of Women’s Rights. Attend a rally right in your own museum as Annie speaks out for women’s suffrage.
A Woman’s Fight For Rights: Visionaries, Violence or Vote – Prepare to be immersed in an interactive lecture experience that will have everyone enthusiastically waving their placards in support! BOOK NOW!

Current List of Subjects

Each educational lecture or talk is available in a 60-minute or 90-minute format based on the requirement of the host.

  • The Victorian Apothecary: Deadly Home Remedies
  • Madness, Melancholy and the Wandering Womb: Woman & The Asylum
  • Death Rituals of the Victorian Era
  • Victorian All Hallows Eve & The Supernatural Cult of Love
  • Corsets: Beautifully Deadly
  • Widows Weeds: A Woman’s Life after A Husband’s Death
  • Victorian Back Alley Sexcapades
  • Dark Secrets: Freemasons, Egyptomania, and the Occult
  • The Ripper Chronicles from Whitechapel to Cheapside
  • The Paranormal Realm in Victorian London
  • Western Esotericism
  • Witches and Sorcery through the Ages
  • Secrets of the Apothecary
  • The Victorian Séance
  • Unravelling the Mysteries of London’s Underground City
  • Hair, Wigs, and Makeup: A Ladies Guide to Victorian Beauty
  • What’s Cooking in the Victorian Kitchen?
  • Love Potion #9: Creating Perfumes and Oils of the Era
  • The Art of Victorian Letter Writing
  • Learning to Pen The Penny Dreadful

Other Services

Monument Restoration & Conservation Workshops

There is science to stone restoration. Learning to evaluate the effects of weather, pollution, mould, mildew, and other natural and non-natural factors that can damage gravestones takes years. Environmental damage can be irreversible. The purpose of this workshop is to teach the basics of cleaning and restoring. The aim is not to make the headstones look brand new, but to learn how to remove dirt, stains, and biological growth from them at a volunteer conservator level.

Monuments, despite their sturdiness, are still vulnerable to the elements, constantly engaging with the environment by absorbing moisture from the ground, and subsequently releasing it back into the atmosphere through evaporation. Drawn onto and in some cases, into the stone, the water carries dissolved salts and minerals present in the surrounding soil. Attendees will learn how to determine these sources along with others such as biological mosses, moulds, and mildew. This knowledge will help in selecting the right cleaning techniques and tools.

This workshop also discusses the importance of cleaning and how it should be done prior to other treatments or resetting.

Attendees will learn how to work with an aqueous antibacterial solution that aids in the removal of algae, fungi, and other organisms. The proper application and procedures and tools used. The workshop lasts about 2 hours and is best conducted during seasons where wet cleaning can be performed without the temperature going above 30C or when there is no risk of freezing within 48 hours.

Cemetery Mapping & Cataloguing Workshops

Creating a cemetery map is helpful for historical and genealogical records. It allows for cataloguing grave sites, including names, dates, symbols, and other important information. Additionally, it enables the documentation of historical technical explanations and photographic evidence.

This workshop is designed for those at a volunteer conservator level. Participants will have the opportunity to discover and explore the techniques employed in the comprehensive mapping of a cemetery. A current site map will be selected and tailored specifically for the workshop to provide a base to work from. Additionally, the techniques employed can be used to create maps that may be filed with both the cemetery, the town/city, and local historic organizations.

Historical Consultancy

With our extensive knowledge and passion, we excel as historical consultants in a wide range of fields. Our expertise spans across museums, historical sites, theatre, television, film, as well as both fiction and non-fiction publications.

We offer the following services:

  • Historical research, source material & resources
  • Develop historical & folklore storylines for TV, film and theatre.
  • Historical character research & development
  • Period clothing, interiors, & props
  • Script read-through and evaluation of historical accuracy
  • Deportment & dialogue

Oddities Rental

We are passionate collectors of all things dark and mysterious. Our collection is constantly evolving, featuring a captivating array of peculiar items. From intriguing medical embalming bottles and vintage dental equipment, to exquisite antique tea settings and hauntingly beautiful dolls. We proudly display funerary photographs, elegantly crafted wreaths, and rare Masonic artifacts. But that’s not all! Our collection features captivating Shrunken Heads, mysterious mummies, and an abundance of other extraordinary curiosities that are truly unique. At any given time, a selection of our collection may be out on loan or hire to television, film, theatre, galleries or museum collections. If you are interested in the use of our items, please contact us to discuss usage.

For further information or questions about any of the above services, please contact us!