Victorians truly loved all things macabre and otherworldly. Starting in the 1850s and beyond seances became all the rage. These supernatural sessions allowed a “Medium” to speak to the dead and call upon spirits to answer questions for those in attendance. Spirits often entered the room as ethereal layers of mist to those who waited with bated breath.

Missus Mooney’s Ghost Stories For The Holidays & Victorian Seance conjures up the very essence of Victorian’s love of spirits. whether a spooky story or eerie seance, Missus Mooney brings the tantalizing experience to life before your very eyes. You may question everything you believe to be true once the Spirit itself takes to the room and your senses leave you!

Ghost Stories for the Holidays

Victorians loved a good ghostly tale at Christmas. Dickens wrote dozens and his well known classic ghost story “A Christmas Carol” is still as popular today as it was in 1832.

With the pandemic keeping us at home, away from our loved ones and large gathering this season why not indulge yourself, your family and friends to an old holiday tradition with a new twist. Live on Zoom Missus Mooney and Michael Furey will entertain you with one of these spooky tales and top off the hour with a few Victorian Carols to put you in that holiday mood.

Halfpenny Dreadfuls offers a return to those times when the interactive ghost story took those listening away from their day to day hardships. Our stories are Victorian classics that are sure to delight young and old during the holidays. This season we have chosen Victorian Ghost Stories:  A Christmas Carol, The Ghost and the Bone Setter, or Martin’s Close for you to choose from.

Each spooky ghost story telling performance is 60 mins. in length and includes 3 Victorian Carols: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Do You Hear What I Hear, Good King Wenceslas to finish so everyone can sing along.

If you are looking for something that’s fun for everyone including your wee ones we offer our Family Friendly (without a hint of ghosts) favourites:
How The Grinch Stole Christmas or Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Family Friendly story telling performance is 60 mins. in length and includes 3 fun Christmas songs: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and the Whoville favourite “Welcome Christmas” so everyone can sing along.

Each Zoom online performance offers you the opportunity to invite up to 99 persons to your online holiday gathering.

$150 CAD and must be paid in full at the time of booking.
Spots fill up quickly so don’t delay!

If you would like to book a Holiday Ghost Story please contact Missus Mooney here!

Victorian Seance


Table Turning or Tipping was another way a “Medium” would reach out to the spirits. Often incorporated into seance participants would sit around the table with both hands touching the tabletop as if they were about to play the piano (fingers barely touching the surface) as the table began to knock, turn or lift. The medium would then ask questions to the spirits present in the room. The table’s movements would define the answers given in a predetermined manner. One tap for No, two for Yes, or perhaps a half-turn or rotation of the table itself to indicate a spirit was present. While no session is guaranteed to conjure up many spirits it is very rare that at least one spirit does not make an appearance in some form or another.

Missus Mooney’s Victorian Seance takes you back to the days when table-turning, ghostly voices, and apparitions channelled themselves through the “Medium”. This interactive evening will leave your guests with a sense of wonderment and awe while messages from beyond reach out to touch those in attendance. Missus Mooney is an award winning psychic medium who has fascinated audiences with her psychic abilities across the globe.

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