Ghosts, spirits, things that go bump in the night…

Whether it’s something odd in your residence that you’d like sorted out, or a group investigating a location, Paranormal Investigating can be both interesting and enlightening. Often called “pseudo-science” by some sceptics, Ghost Hunting (as it’s colloquially known) has become so common that there are numerous TV shows about it – and even a Wikipedia entry!

This is certainly not new. People have always been equal parts intrigued and frightened by Ghosts/Spirits; however, it has become a bit more of a “science” than in the past. While we are fortunate to have our own respected Mediums to draw on for expertise in such matters (Seika Groves, BSc), there are also many electronic tools at our disposal that may aid in the search for paranormal activity.

From time to time, we will hold public investigations at interesting (and often unusual) locations; giving you the opportunity to be immersed in the fascinating world of the other-worldly!

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If you have a location you’d like us to investigate (privately or with a group), please contact us immediately.