Are We There Yet?

EDD_0911Snow, ice, wind, rain, a little sun, then more of the same!

We’ve all had quite enough of this rollercoaster of (mostly) bad weather…it’s time for SPRING! Allegedly, spring started a while ago now, but the only sign has been slightly longer times between sunrise and sunset. The weather has been often so very bleak or very foggy that it’s difficult to tell if the sun has risen at all. Despite this, we move forward…

We are expanding our Historical Walking Tours to accommodate even more history, mystery, scandals & vandals; in true Halfpenny Dreadful fashion! Stories you didn’t hear in school – or weren’t allowed to read in those lurid little magazines…with one subtle difference – the truth. We pride ourselves in our research and love of real history; separating fact from fiction, getting as much of the real story as possible – because it’s always far more interesting than anything that may be made up!

Besides our new walks, we will be welcoming a new guide or two – including the (in)famous Pyrates, Capt. John Swallow and QM Seika Hellbound; with Great Lakes tales to turn your Buccaneers!

Of course, we love to teach, so if your school, community group (or any group) is interested in a private tour, historical talk, or related appearances, do let us know. History will never look the same!

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